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Menus & Recipes

Every successful Chef knows that recipe diversity is key to customer satisfaction. Sometimes external inspiration is required to maintain variety and relevance for your consumers. Menus get boring, tastes change, dietary and allergen requirements flucuate which means chefs need to regularly review their offering to stay current and on point.

Many businesses use the same menu in a “rinse and repeat” model, often either keeping everything the same or adjusting slightly depending on the capability of the kitchen team. This can often lead to consumers feeling bored and unfulfilled and seeking a different dining experience. 

As part of improving consumer satisfaction, RiseUp reviews current menus and gives recommendations on changes required to better suit your consumers wants and needs.This includes:

  • "Refreshed” Menu choices

  • New menus development

  • Cultural dishes to suit consumer needs

  • Vegetarian & dietary options

  • Recipe costings based on supply chain

  • Adjusting current menu documentation

  • Instructions on new recipes for ease of use in the kitchen

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