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Coaching & Mentoring

RiseUp’s Leader & Sales Coaching programs are bespoke. We align with your business, speak your language, present your products and services, and demonstrate to your teams how to support their customer's needs and requirements, Our leader and sales coaching is divided into group and individual engagement and focuses on skills, techniques and outcomes.

Sales Coaching

People learn from other people. To get the best team performance and best practise, RiseUp provides bespoke, industry and brand specific sales coaching programs, aimed at your identified needs. From Cold Calling and Active Listening to Objection Management and Solution Selling, RiseUp crafts comprehensive programs and can also assist in embedding the learnings post program delivery.

Group Skills Delivery

Coaching focuses on key skills specific to your product or service, including maximising the sales call, creating a selling story, and knowing your customers. We also demonstrate effective territory planning, objection management, identifying buying signals and closing a sale, and Solution selling vs Transactional selling,

Our programs allow your teams to learn new skills that last a lifetime. Our coaches have worked at producer, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor and end user levels and use their practical, real-world experience during coaching and take your teams on a learning journey.

1:1 Mentoring

1:1 coaching & mentoring is an effective way of assessing your team and their skills whilst observing them in a normal, day-to-day environment. RiseUp assesses the competency levels of your sales teams and provide post coaching reviews and recommendations.

Leader Mentoring

Workplace trends prove that employees want to work in an environment where they are inspired, can prosper and grow. To create this environment, managers need to develop skillsets including people leadership and team coaching - being able to identify individual and team motivators and coaching those individuals to achieve their goals. 


Is leadership and management the same? Do you approach every person in your team the same way? Effective Leader Coaching demonstrates to your current and emerging leaders how to effectively lead their teams and get the most out of them in the most effective way. 


RiseUp helps develop leaders into coaches. We guide them through the different skills and techniques required to successfully coach their teams. We delve into the importance of indvidual motivation and what works for them and we coach objective setting and real questioning techniques to gain specific and meaningful responses.


Our programs are designed to push leaders out of their comfort zones because coaching isn't easy and requires hard work and commitment.

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