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Supply Chain Solutions

Businesses can be time poor, under resourced, and sometimes lack experience where it counts. RiseUp has the ability and experience to be that external resource, assisting with supply chain and operational solutions

RiseUp carries out thorough supply chain reviews to understand what a business is purchasing, volume usage, brand alignment and on contract purchasing. Strategic restructure of an organisation's supply chain is done through review of what you currently use and then comparing it to other markeplace options. We review:

RiseUp also reviews the menu cost of goods to ensure costs are controlled and managed correctly. This is so important in the current volatile food market. The process includes:

  • Consistent supply and availability

  • Price variation review on current and projected suppliers

  • Review variations and recommendations on ingredients, sizes, weights, types etc

  • Review menus costing with any variations required and new product costings from suppliers

  • Calculatation of cost of goods % and

  • Source new suppliers where required

Ensuring your cost of goods is streamlined ensures that your organisation is future proofed and can weather spikes and changes in supply chain. Find out how RiseUp can assist with streamlining your supply chain choices.

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